A Custom-built system prepared by our staff

The Services We Offer

Computer Support and its staff have a combined experience of over 60 years in Computing and Technical industries - as such our staff are able to help with a diverse range of problems and queries, and advise or recommend wider still. No matter how obscure your problem, we can probably help! Some of our more common services include...

Virus Cleanup

Despite continuing improvements in Antivirus technology, even the most cautious internet user can get a virus from time to time. Modern virus threats typically come in the form of some kind of scam - demanding money with threats of damage to your computer or police action, often completely disabling your own security software.

Regardless, our staff can deftly clean your computer of any virus infection and restore programs and files held to ransom. As standard, a virus cleanup will include a complete verification of your computer's security software, settings and updates to minimise the risk of further infection in the future. Typically £45, a cleanup usually takes one or two working days - and we'll even clean the dust out for you!

Performance Improvement

Very few people are generally satisfied with the performance of their computers, and with good reason - most branded computers these days are no faster than their 10-year ancestors. Modern machines are loaded down with a plethora of unnecessary software, generally completely unused. People's requirements of their computers are continually increasing too - increasing use of iPlayer and cute but intensive Facebook games leave otherwise perfect computers struggling.

Thankfully, these problems can often be easily fixed! A quick investigation from us can reveal the largest bottlenecks in your machine and unlock performance you didnt know your machine had. While even basic upgrades can be more than sufficient, we're also fully equipped to completely overhaul your machine's hardware, bringing it fully up to date - much cheaper than a replacement machine, and you can keep the set-up you know and love. Performance improvements are tailored to your needs, but start as low as £30.

Data Recovery & Backup Services

Years of photos. A university degree's worth of documents. Enough music to (almost) fill an iPod. And none of it backed up. Hard drive failure is something nobody ever expects, but generally encounters at least once. For those of you lucky enough to not have suffered this loss, we can help you avoid it by recommending and supplying a variety of backup solutions, from simple DVD backup to that nebulous Cloud thing you keep hearing about.

If you're already past the point of no return - a dropped laptop, an accidentally formatted camera memory card or an unpleasant clunking from your external hard drive - we may still be able to help you! An intimate understanding of data storage technology allows us to rescue your data from the jaws of oblivion in all but the most extreme of cases. Or maybe you just want a machine wiping before disposal? We can erase your devices to government-level requirements. Our data recovery (or destruction) services start from as low as £20.

Reconditioned Laptops

In a lot of cases, Just having a reliable method of internet access is all you might need. The latest and greatest hardware is utterly pointless if your requirements are basic - or maybe you just want a computer for your child to get started with.

We stock a diverse range of Second-User laptops at a variety of price points to suit your needs and budget - fully tested with a clean software loadout, ready for use on the internet and for document work, our laptops are often easier to use than new. Fully guaranteed, reconditioned laptops start as low as £100.

An internal view of one of our more powerful systems

Custom-built Hardware

Today's computer retailers are stuck in a race to the bottom - to sell a computer with the biggest numbers for the lowest price. It's difficult to know you're buying quality hardware when the manufacturer is selling you the same computer they've made for every other customer in the country.

Our staff understand computer hardware with a passion, and can help you build a computer to your exact requirements and budget. Using high-quality, branded components your machine will be built by hand, on-site by a member of staff you can have an actual conversation with. We can even move your data from your old computer. Fully supported and guaranteed, designed to be upgradeable, and built to last, Our machines are great value - give us a call!